"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
– Winston Churchill

Of course, Mr. Churchill was being sarcastic.
You need to continually look at the results.

And after 16+ years of successfully positioning others as offering something exceptional…

…these are the kind of results – and happy clients – that are possible.

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Happy client testimonial"I thought [the landing page] was incredibly well written and extremely persuasive copy, and that it would be highly effective at compelling industry professionals to download the report. I've already seen new business from it, so I am delighted! And I am confident it will continue to serve as an effective lead generation tool."

Brenda Cadman, Founder, Bon Accord Creative /

Happy client testimonial"You deliver a first-class product. Above and beyond the written, you provide hands on personal service that lets me know you are a stakeholder for success."

Aaron Fish, Entertainment Producer, Dreams One Media Corporation

Happy client testimonial"Grant, when I secured the Estate Planning project, I knew I needed a copywriter I could count on to deliver copy that moved prospects to act. Not only did you come highly recommended, but you demonstrated your ability to take projects from start to end, anticipating and checking off every detail along the way, and making the work not seem like work. End result: effective copy, happy client. In a word, success. Thanks, Grant."

Megan (Hollstedt) Moodie, Founder, MH Communication Design

Happy client testimonial"Grant immediately understood what the project required. And then he not only nailed it, but also made insightful suggestions that boosted the overall value of the piece."

Allison Bran, Brand Consultant & Creative Director, Rex Image

Happy client testimonial"I can’t thank you enough for working so collaboratively with us on our client newsletters and for always delivering above expectation and on-time, every time. Again, thank you for the opportunity to learn from you – it’s truly been a pleasure."

Diana T. Markowitz, Client Marketing Manager, PrecisionIR

Happy client testimonial"Grant is an exceptional individual. I love his quality of work, his smile, his ethics and his personality. Honestly, I only have amazing things to say about him. Two thumbs up from me!"

Tamara Brooks, Owner, October 17 Media

Happy client testimonial"Thanks for making writing my salesletter for my Big Leap Bootcamp product launch so easy, Grant. I knew I had too much on my plate already, and I really needed the marketing for my latest product to be top notch, so I’m grateful you came highly recommended by a trusted colleague. Right from the start, your extensive intake process confirmed I was in good hands. And the salesletter copy you developed is just what I needed. Now I can position my program in a professional yet persuasive way that feels authentic. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Grant, and I'll be sure to reach out when my next project ramps up."

Petra Mayer, Business Strategy Coach, Petra Mayer Consulting

Happy client testimonial"We've reviewed the content in depth and I gotta say, absolutely fantastic job. We think this is exactly the route we needed to take. You were able to take a complex, difficult to communicate idea and provide clear, concise and convincing content."

Eric Anderson, IT Coordinator, Urban Group of Companies LP

Happy client testimonial"Grant and I had the privilege of working together on a very crazy busy project during the book launch of my #1 best seller, Profit In Plain Sight. And I can tell you that during a time like that, you definitely need a resource that you can count on who just gets it right the first time and is really easy to work with. And I can tell you that Grant is all of those things. His project plan was meticulous. He spotted a lot of extra opportunities for how to make things even better that he recommended and that we put into place. And at every step of the way, I was kept informed, I knew what was going on. Everything was on time, on budget, and done to a level of perfection which was pretty impressive."

Anne C. Graham, Author of "Profit In Plain Sight" and Founder of The Legendary Value Institute

Happy client testimonial"Our initial dilemma was coming up with a solution to increase sales and reach a greater number of potential customers. The material was engaging and the prompting of preparing us to get into the right mindset before reading the material was very helpful. We're excited to implement this to increase sales for our business."

Joe Cheng & Josh Neumann, Co-Founders,

Happy client testimonial"Grant has the rare ability to identify the voice and heart of the speaker and write from that place. He also has an immensely creative mind and a wonderful ability to connect with people. Besides, he's very professional, organized and methodical. A real treat to work with and highly recommended."

Sharon Habib, OutsideIn Communications Partner and Brand and Communications Strategist

Happy client testimonial"An excellent organizer, Grant was both a pleasure to work with and a great asset to a very complex project that we both toiled away on for over a year. Working remotely Grant was able to keep us on track and organized despite a great deal of change and challenge." 

Scott Baker, Owner,


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