Grant Pasay is the creator of the CapTML Process™, which is like a rocketpack for your desirability. How? By capturing the knowledge in your head and multi-leveraging it into content assets that persuade prospects to choose you for years to come.

Grant is a marketing veteran with clients in North America and Europe, and degrees in Psychology and Education. He started his first marketing firm in 1999.


3 Ways To Know I'm NOT a Good Fit For You

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Hi, I’m Grant.

I’m 49 years old. I live just north of Seattle in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

I love walking by the ocean. I'm a drummer and a bit of a sci-fi nerd.

I work from very comfortable home offices (because I can).

By my side is my wife of 29 years and our 11-year-old daughter.

The rest of my virtual team is based wherever suits them best.

As for you, well, you could be anywhere right now.

But wherever you are, and whoever you are, the big question is always the same:

"Is Grant a good fit for me?"

If you're like most people, the answer is "No."

And for 3 very clear reasons.

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Reason #1: You don't have happy clients yet.

I can only help you market yourself more effectively if you're already helping clients get results.

So if you haven't yet put in the blood, sweat, tears, time, money and a million-or-so mistakes that make any of us capable of delivering solid value, you're in the wrong place.

Now, if you DO have legitimate personal experience and a proven track record of helping your clients get the outcomes they're looking for, that's different.

That's also means it's pretty likely that you feel you deserve more than you're getting in return for all the value you deliver.

The bad news: if you let things run their course, there's no good reason you'll ever get what your expertise truly deserves: the best clients, more referrals, and higher rates gladly paid.

The good news: there are reliable and automatic ways to engineer your prospects seeing you as THE obvious choice…and well worth the price.

And no surprise that comes with some pretty nice benefits (more on that in a minute).

So, if you don't have happy clients yet, simply put, I can't help you.

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Reason #2: If you see marketing as an expense, you'll assume we're too expensive.

Now let's be clear. When I say 'marketing,' I mean effective marketing.

That means you get more money back than you invested.

In other words, positive ROI.

So how can positive ROI ever be considered an expense?

Don't ask me. (I never could understand that way of thinking.)

Now, I can understand seeing marketing as a losing proposition IF the only marketing you've experienced to date is some fluffy 'brand awareness' version.

But that's NOT what I mean by marketing.

I mean Direct Response marketing.

Wait a minute? Direct Response marketing?

Isn't that like a cheesy used-car salesman with no intention of building a long-term client relationship?

In many people's hands, you bet.

In ours? Never.

I'm talking marketing that's respectful, yet persuasive.

Marketing that's strategically nurturing, yet with a clear call to action.

And that leaves you with 2 simple questions to answer:

  1. Are you unwilling to invest a fair amount of money in exchange for an even better return?
  2. Are you squeamish about taking charge of moving your prospects through your sales process?

If so, then there's no use reading on.

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Reason #3: If you want to do what everybody else is doing, sorry, you're a few years too late.

I'm not saying you can't do marketing like everybody else is these days.

(In fact, you'll find a suspiciously long line of consultants eager to help you do precisely that.)

I'm just saying I gave up that game some time back.

Why? Surely there's money in giving clients what they want, right?

Sure…in the short term.

And especially if you don't really care that much if they get superior tools and results.

To be honest, it's no different today than when I started my first marketing firm in 1999.

It was the pioneer days of the Internet. Blinking text. Animated gifs. And something wild called 'Flash.'

All our clients were desperate to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.

And it left them all looking the same. Like a thousand versions of 'vanilla.'

Even back then, we advised our clients otherwise…but we weren't bold enough yet to stick to our guns.

And, as always, the business owners that really stood out were the ones smart enough to NOT follow the herd.

Which brings us to today. And to you.

If you really feel it's safest and smartest for you to position yourself firmly within the crowd, then you'll find no value in what we offer.

Still reading? Then you, my friend, are a rare bird.

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What Happens Now?

Simple. We date.

In other words, you check us out.

Take a bit of time to see what we're all about. How we think. How we roll. What my team can deliver.

In marketing we call that a powerful demonstration (like getting someone to try out a vacuum so they see for themselves just how well it performs).

No need to pull out your wallet…yet.

Instead, let me impress you first with some helpful value. For free.

And along the way I'll be sure to let you know what bundles and services we have to help you.

And if you feel what we offer will move the needle for you, THEN we can get serious.

Sound fair?

What Can We Help With?

Remember I said earlier that there are reliable and automatic ways to engineer your prospects seeing you as THE obvious choice?

And how that comes with some pretty nice benefits?

Well, that's all we focus on. That's why we're called Elite Expert Positioning.

That's why we don't offer 101 different services. This is all we specialize in.


Because we know it's NOT safest or smartest for you to position yourself firmly within the crowd.

Because we know that the best prospects want – and choose and refer – the person or business they SEE as being the obvious standout.

You see, we know a thing or two about human psychology.

For example, prospects act in predictable ways when it comes to seeing WHO the obvious choice is…

…and they DON'T go about that in the same way YOU see who's the best in your field.

In other words, if you want prospects to see YOU as THE obvious standout, you have to see things the way THEY do.

And how do they see things?

Simple. If you show up looking like everybody else, they'll assume you're nothing special.

But when you show up with helpful marketing tools that they only associate with distinctive providers like a book that answers their top questions they automatically conclude you ARE something special.

How could they think anything different?

There's a lot more to it than that…but none of it is mysterious or magical in any way.

I didn't make any of this up, by the way.

You can find it all yourself if you study psychology and marketing and sales.

The Easier Way

The good news is there's an easier way to learn about engineering and leveraging an un-level playing field.

Just read some of the free reports here on our site.

Then, if you want more, fill out the form to subscribe.

And if you can see how we can help you, then consider putting our team to work for you.

Because if you're still here reading, I'm guessing we're a good fit after all.

Looking forward to staying in touch!

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